Andrea Angelo Luchi life coach

The life coach facilitates the path of personal and professional growth and improvement.

My working ground are emotions such as insecurity, fear, dissatisfaction, stress and unhappiness. I facilitate the identification of achievable goals and provide the motivation to achieve them.

Each individual already knows the answers they need. The life coach’s job is to ask the right questions. Helps clarify wishes and ambitions by identifying priorities. It is a guide in finding the most authentic part of oneself. In this way the energies are focused and directed in the right direction.

This process doesn’t always mean running faster and farther. It is based on your character and your true needs. Peace of mind sometimes means recovering your own pace. Balance is also rediscovering the value of patience and waiting.

Life coaching encourages you to put your mind in order by eliminating what is not needed. Identify the mechanisms of self-sabotage, blocks, negative thoughts. Analyzing you the customer, it highlights the weak points to work on and enhances those of strength. I am your first supporter, to help you to regain the self-esteem that “is not lost but only lost”.

The techniques of a life coach are constantly adapting. Along the way progress is evaluated and moves are changed. The business is to achieve greater confidence in one’s abilities, determination and enthusiasm.

A good result is making those guided processes become automatic and durable. After a while you will no longer need my sponsor and you will proceed alone with regained balance.

The term life coaching refers to a training strategy aimed at improving the individual. The purpose of this practice, which is achieved with what we can define a continuous “training”, is to help people achieve their goals, be they personal or professional or even in sports. The person, therefore, is progressively accompanied to obtain the maximum performance based on his abilities and possibilities, through a progressive inner path.
The process carried out by a life coach therefore helps the individual to develop their personality, having repercussions on the professional and personal spheres.

The term “coach” derives from the French coche, which means “carriage” or “chariot”, a means of transport guided by a coachman that allows you to arrive at the predefined destination. The word coach, therefore, refers to the figure of the coach, the one who allows you to reach a set goal, through a path.

Life coaching, therefore, deals with discovering the potential value of the individual, then allowing him to work on it to achieve the goals of his own existence with more satisfaction. Life coaching therefore does not have specific recipients. Anyone wishing to improve the way of life can decide to rely on a coach.

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